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MVP Party - Event Information
$399.00 up to 10 children
$25.00 per additional child
Max 40 attendees
The MVP Party includes:
• 10 jumpers (40 persons max)
• 1 hr and 15 minute of jumping, dodging, dunking and soaring on the trampoline courts
• A 45 minute reserved table time
• A Launch birthday party specialist to serve your party
• 2 pies of pizza
• One pitcher of fountain drinks per party (Unlimited Refills)
• Birthday party place settings
• Candy for each jumper
•Everyone Human Who Enters Need A Purchased Ticket
• Additional Guests Cannot Make Seperate Payments on Event Party Bill. All additional payments must be collected by Event Booker before the bill is due the day of . (We do not accept seperate payments )
Due to Covid-19 protocol we have applied the following guidlines that are mandatory for booking your party: * Deposits are nonrefundable * Only paid guests will be allowed in the park. Unpaid guests will be asked to leave due to capacty protocol. * Must arive 30 minutes prior to the start of your jump time for waiver check and rule speach. * Waiver are required and mandatory to enter our park. No waiver no entry. * Ask about vaccine policies before booking. * All parents & patrons attending party must have a paid ticket to stay in park. * 40 persons max are allowed per party. No exceptions. * No outside food allowed other than birthday cake and cupcakes. * If ariving late time cannot be extended. No exceptions * We have the right to refuse service to any party if we feel you are showing signs of Covid-19 symtoms.
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