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Ignite Blast - Event Information
$899.99 up to 16 children
$40.00 per additional child
Max 40 attendees
The Ignite Blast includes:
75 minutes of Launch fun!*
Check in time from 8:30pm-9:00pm to go over waivers and reservation
• 45 minutes in a private party room .(For Ignite Blast Party you have your room from 10:15pm-11:00pm)
• 4 pies of pizza
• Unlimited fountain drinks (3 flavors)
• Candy bags
• Ice cream cup for every guest
• Launch grip socks for every guest
• Special gift for the birthday child
• Awesome Launch party host
• Party paper-ware, cups and utensils
• Party favor for birthday child
• $10 arcade card for each guest
• 20 invitations available for $10
•Everyone Human Who Enters Need A Purchased Ticket
• Additional Guests Cannot Make Seperate Payments on Event Party Bill. All additional payments must be collected by Event Booker before the bill is due the day of . (We do not accept seperate payments )
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